Breakfast with a rebel – Looking back on the first edition and forward to the second!

On March 9th young and old people took the unique chance to talk with activists from around the world about their experience. We enjoyed food and at the same time could talk with the activists. You missed it? Luckily there is a second edition on Sunday 23rd, but only few places available!

Shenna Sanchez from Philippines told us about her work in the Philippine Student movement. They are quite unified with other social and environmental movements- and with workers unions to the from Belgium with an international group to support some protests. But she continues from Belgium to support the grassroots in the Philippines and is actively involved in projects and collaborations.

Mohammed Khatib is a Palestinian born in a refugee camp in Lebanon, now living in Belgium as a refugee. He explained about the non-future in the camps: people are waiting their whole life to go back to a place once was home, and that they would like to make their home again. ‘But we should not forget Gaza- Gaza is one big jail! Also nobody talks about the 7 million refugees in different EU countries! ‘ Lior Volnejc from Israel made us understand how it is to be young in Israel and getting brainwashed in school about an apparently undisputable necessity of war. Lior is one of the few that could free his mind. His group of friends began a movement for conscientious objection- refusing military service of 3 years for men and 2 for women. His friends went to prison, he was found unfit for military service in the last moment. Now he is involved in an international movement of Palestinians and Israeli who oppose the occupation of Gaza.

Frans van Acoleyen is a Belgian doctor. As being part of ‘ Geneeskunde voor het volk’ , ‘’Medicine For The People’’, he offers free medical services for everybody who is a member of this doctor’s practice. However, the general board of doctors in Belgium is not happy with‘Geneeskunde voor het volk’ and they are trying to stop them. Frans is fighting against the general board for over 30 years. He notices that the board uses right wing arguments.

Maria Rafael from and Clemente Paco Huanca from are the Bolivian guests of CATAPA that spoke about the socio-environmental consequences of gold mining in Oruro. Maria organises community resistance and demands access to water for the peasants who cannot farm anymore. Together with Clementee from CEPA they try to get the government adhere to laws that only exist on paper. Maria and Clemente commented afterwards “ We had good conversations with the Belgian people!” On Sunday the  23rd Fabiana and Fréderic from CORIDUP’s and CEPA’s youth organisations will share their experiences at the breakfast.

So welcome everybody Sunday the 23rd, whether you speak English or Dutch!

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Thanks to co-organizing with Belmundo; INTAL; GAPP en ABVV Oost-VlaanderenFoto ontbijt! On their websites you can find further information about the rebels and their causes!