Socio-cultural impact

Moreover, they are not fully aware of the rights they can invoke to protest against the construction of industrial mines in their agrarian communities. By means of divide and conquer tactics, mining companies often try to split up different competing communities that already have an ancient history of war, colonisation and suppression. Therefore, bribery, intimidations, violence and blackmailing are quite common.

The local population groups do not agree with such practices and start to revolt: the number of mining conflicts increases globally. Such conflicts often escalate and can lead to the violation of human’s rights. The main arguments of the local communities against the boosting mining industry can be summarized as follows:

–         Mining concessions are granted without seeking consent of the local communities and their traditional leaders;

–         The mines do not contribute to the local economic development of the communities;

–         Mining companies pose a serious threat to the environmental and agricultural development, due to the pollution of water resources and the       destruction of existing ecosystems;

–         Mining activities sour the relationship between different neighbouring communities, lead to a loss of original cultural heritage and widen the gap between poor and rich.