Making one golden ring involves 20 to 60 tons of highly toxic waste and the usage of 40 000 to 120 000 liters of fresh water. The water usage per gram pure gold can amount to 10 000 liters. Moreover, the mining of 1 kilogram of gold equals a CO2 emission of 17 000 tons.

Keeping in mind that the mining sector is responsible for 7 to 10 percent of the worldwide energy usage, it’s clear that the whole sector, as well as consumers of metal and minerals, bear an important responsibility for the ecological crisis of the earth.

In the present global context those on the demand side, should ask ourselves where in the world these resources come from and at what price they are mined.

The purchase of a new cell phone, TV, laptop, brass outlet tube, iPhone, … all these things contain metals mined in a very damaging way.

Individual change of behavior can result in a combined approach to these problems, so the South stops being the victim of our consumption pattern in this global context.